We are a London-based enterprise and begin our journey from Imperial College London to develop surgical navigation system to help Total Knee Replacement.

Total Knee Replacement

  • 100,000 Knee Replacements
  • 20% Patient Dissatisfaction
  • 7% Revision Surgery
  • 14.4% CAGR

Total knee replacement (TKR) to replace joints with osteoarthritis is a highly effective procedure to treat knee pain, resulting in a dramatic reduction in pain, restoration of function, and improved quality of life. In 2019 (pre-COVID), around 100,000 and 1,000,000 surgeries were performed in the UK and the US, respectively. This number is predicted to continue to rapidly increase due to demographic and lifestyle changes, particularly an ageing population, and increasing levels of obesity. Although TKR is a very successful operation overall, inaccuracies in implant positioning and ligament tension of up to 30% have been reported using conventional techniques. This is associated with pain and instability, and is a significant determinant of need for further (revision) surgery (~ 7% of TKRs are revised every year).
The global orthopaedic navigation systems market size was valued at USD 1.97b in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.4% to 2028 [GVR). The rising geriatric population & joint reconstructions, growing healthcare expenditure, and high awareness levels among patients & healthcare professionals are expected to drive this growth. The knee segment accounts for a revenue share of over 46% in 2020, expected to expand further.


Mobile Assisted Reconstruction In Orthopaedics (M.A.R.I.O) is a simple, low-cost, smartphone-based intra-operative navigation system to help surgeons place an implant precisely during the surgery. Our surgical planner is backed by more than 15 years of fundamental research on statistical shape models (SSM) at Imperial College London.

Core Team

  • Shuqiao


  • Anthony


  • Pierluigi


  • Marco


  • Dec 2019

    Msk Accelerator

    The MSk Accelerator offers industry-inspired product development support, including an ISO13485 certified Quality Management System, for the design and development of medical devices.

  • Nov 2020

    Pitch to MBA Surgical Empowerment: investment is confirmed
  • March 2021

    1st cadaver test @ SMU building Imperial College London
  • Feb 2021

    Knowhow (Surgical navigation using a smartphone) is filed
  • Feb 2021

    Knowhow (SSM) is filed

    Statistical Shape Model used for bone shape correction, prediction and orthopaedic implant positioning.

  • Jul 2021

    Award: Innovate UK SETsquared ICURe

    Customer discovery programme, S3 had manged to have a formal interview with more than 80 people, including orthopaedics surgeons, surgical nurses, investors, manufactures

  • Aug 2021

    Award : EPSRC IAA @ Imperial College
  • Oct 2021

    Award : MedTech SuperConnector
  • Nov 2021

    Award: Enterprise Fellowship @ Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Dec 2021

    PCT Patent is published PCT/GB2022/051423
  • Nov 2022

    Partnering with NIHR London In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative
  • Jan 2023

    MedTechONE support
  • May 2023

    Award InnovateUK Biomedical Catalyst

    Award £645,000 to support the develpment of M.A.R.I.O in collaboration with Imperial College London.

  • May 2023

    Receveid Angel Investment

    Receveid angel investment